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CV (Oct 2020) - LinkedIn

Hi there! My name is Mike. Thank you for visiting my website.

I am a passionate maker, mentor, and teacher. I currently teach Software Engineering and Data Structures & Algorithms at Swarthmore College.

I am always happy to make new connections and explore possible collaborations. Please feel free to contact me anytime.

Email address: mwehar1@swarthmore.edu

Personal Projects

bullet point   Word of The Hour - Website

A side project to help language learners expand their vocabulary.

bullet point   Treegle Dictionary - Website

An online dictionary that arranges definitions in a tree format.

See more trees @ MetaTree

bullet point   See More Projects - My ProjectBoard, Endangered Languages, Computer Generated Music, Replacement Game, AI Digital Painting, Sharing Religion, Password Memorization, Time Lapse Painting: Pittsburgh


Active Papers:

bullet point   Stronger Lower Bounds for Polynomial Time Problems (with A. Salamon)

Download Draft (Aug 2020)

Completed Papers:

bullet point   On the Fine Grained Complexity of Finite Automata Non-emptiness of Intersection (with M. Oliveira)

Download (DLT 2020)

bullet point   Complexity of Searching for 2 by 2 Submatrices in Boolean Matrices (with D. Prusa)

Download (DLT 2020)

bullet point   Two-dimensional Pattern Matching against Basic Picture Languages (with F. Mr├íz and D. Prusa)

Download (CIAA 2019), The Four Corners Problem, Non-Orthogonal Boolean Vectors

bullet point   Intersection Non-Emptiness and Hardness within Polynomial Time (with M. Oliveira)

Download (DLT 2018), Slides, Slides were updated September 2019 to fix bug

bullet point   On the Complexity of Intersection Non-Emptiness Problems

Abstract, Doctoral Dissertation, Dissertation Slides, Additional Discussion & Typos

See also: Slides (MCAFL 2019), Gödel's Lost Letter, Parameterized Complexity Newsletter

bullet point   Shortest Paths in One-Counter Systems (with D. Chistikov, W. Czerwinski, P. Hofman, and M. Pilipczuk)

Download (LMCS 2019), Download (FoSSaCS 2016), Shortest Strings Accepted by PDA's

bullet point   On the Complexity of Intersecting Regular, Context-free, and Tree Languages (with J. Swernofsky)

Download (ICALP 2015), Slides

bullet point   Hardness Results for Intersection Non-Emptiness

Download (ICALP 2014), Slides

bullet point   Intersection Emptiness for Finite Automata

Honors Thesis, Gödel's Lost Letter

* The results were significantly refined and improved in the ICALP 2014 paper.

Paused Papers:

bullet point   Tight Lower Bounds for Classical Problems Relative to a Random Oracle (with A. Hughes)

bullet point   Intersection Non-Emptiness for Tree Shaped Finite Automata

Download Draft (Feb. 2016), included in thesis, related talks at UB, RIT, Waterloo, IBM, and CTW'15

bullet point   Fixed Parameter Inductive Inference

Research with Manuel Blum (Summer 2013), Download Draft, Additional Discussion

bullet point   Gödel's Theouorem Fails for Pi_1 Axiomatizations

Nested Proof Predicates, Download Draft


I am passionate about Mentorship and I enjoy helping students to build software solutions to real problems. My expertise lies in developing minimal viable products, tracking progress, and launching beta testing for user feedback.

Are you thinking about starting a project? Here are my slides on getting started:
An Introduction to Side-Projects

Are you interested in working with me or having me as a mentor for your project? Please contact me via email and see past projects that I've been a mentor for below.

Swarthmore College, Summer 2020

bullet point   Automatic Crossword Puzzle Construction - Otis

A web app that automatically constructs crossword puzzle grids.

bullet point   Four Corners Problems and 2D Pattern Matching - Ari

Implementing efficient algorithms that solve specific cases of the four corners problem.

bullet point   Machine Assisted Speed Reading and Training - Chris

A web app to help users increase their reading speed.

Swarthmore College, Spring 2020

bullet point   ChessIQ+ - Jonathan, Navdeep (additional contributions by Amaechi)

A web app that provides feedback to chess players on moves in an intuitive manner.

bullet point   Edge - Austin, Ford, Jack, Scott

An iOS app that tracks gambling gains and losses related to recently legalized sports betting.

bullet point   Grass Growth - Anya, Cassandra, Rich, Vitor

A web-based toolkit for generating an interactive map that tracks polling locations and volunteer sign-ups.

bullet point   LifeTrackr - Jill, Katherine, Mirabai, Ray

A web app for tracking aspects of your life (such as mood) each day and graphing your monthly averages to better understand how your life changes over time.

bullet point   MicroSwat - Brendan, Gabe, Tristan

A Java-based music player that plays human readable music composition files.

bullet point   PersonalFi - Akshay, Bill, Helen, Jason

A web-based game that lets users play out customizable scenarios related to budgeting, credit, and finance. This game is for enjoyment and self-directed learning. It is not intended to be investment advice.

bullet point   Project School - Christine, David, Luca

A react native app for schools to create pages that share important information and critical announcements to students and the local community.

bullet point   Project X - Angela, Bilal, Julian, Saul

An iOS app for viewing upcoming events at Swarthmore College.

bullet point   Raysin - Katie, Kevin, Rose

A command-line tool for speeding up, slowing down, splicing, trimming, and reversing audio by directly manipulating audio wave byte data.

bullet point   SafeChat - Abigail, Jasmine, Mackenzie, Mikey

A web app that sends encrypted messages to designated mailboxes using public-key cryptography.

bullet point   Tap Stop - Kenny, Nicholas, Raymond, Yichuan

An Android app that tracks your mobile screen time and offers points for correctly predicting your usage.

Temple University, Extended Projects

bullet point   Literary Character Extraction - David

A python-based application that automatically extracts character names from public domain books.

bullet point   Patterns in Financial Data - Zach

Converting historical stock market data to a simplified format and applying known techniques from data analysis to identify basic patterns.

Temple University, Spring 2019

bullet point   CSharp Music Library - Ariela, Ben, Jason

A Java-based music library and user interface for creating playable music compositions.

bullet point   HackGile - Gerard, Nicolas, Thomas

A web-based application for agile development and project management.

bullet point   Goalie - Busola, Hieu, Luca

An Android app for creating and tracking personal goals.

bullet point   Morse Brode - Duncan, Kyle, Matthew

A web-based interactive tool for helping users learn Morse Code.

bullet point   Party Of Three - Awa, Kwamina, Mykhailo

A web-based application for playing checkers online.

bullet point   SpaceKermit - Muhsin, Tommy

An application that interfaces with Kerbal Space Program to automatically control and land rockets.

bullet point   TechEase - Andrew, Lee

A Windows-based application that helps non-technical users to navigate their personal computer.

bullet point   Web Cred - Dylan, Jonathan, Nhat

A website for easily accessing analytics and credibility rankings for any public url on the internet.

Temple University, Fall 2018

bullet point   Avalon Translator - Kyle, Troy

A Java-based application that emails the translation of digital handwritten notes to a specified address.

bullet point   Bodega Boys - Isaiah, Malik, Stephen

A website that ranks culturally trending music.

bullet point   Codify - Kaitlin, Parisa

An iOS app for recording your daily activities and analyzing how you spend your time.

bullet point   CranJamz - Alex, Jeremy, Liz

A web-based interactive lesson plan for teaching users how to read and play piano music.

bullet point   Encrypted Chatroom - Jesse, Tyler

A communications platform that puts privacy and security in the hands of the end-user.

bullet point   I.Z.N.'s Flash Cards - Ivy, Nan, Zhuoan

An android app for creating and practicing a secure set of flash cards.

bullet point   Quiz Game Maker - Brendan, Joshee, Shane

An android app for creating and saving your own quiz-based games.

bullet point   RideCompare - Anas, Dan, Dennis

An iOS app that helps the user compare Lyft and Uber prices.

University of Pittsburgh, Spring 2017

bullet point   Clique-in - Andrew, Hannah

A pitch deck and business plan for a decentralized social network.

University at Buffalo, Fall 2016

bullet point   Achievelife - Dan, Fan, James, Jesse, Jonathan, Miaomiao, Yuzhe

A mobile app meant to gamify your life where you level up by completing real life achievements.

bullet point   Biubiubiu - Jia Qi, Leon, Runda, Xiaofei

A typing game written in Java.

bullet point   Course Evaluation - Aaron, Linn, Min, Seti, Timothy

A collaboration with the Center for Educational Innovation to give University at Buffalo students access to course evaluation data for select courses.

bullet point   Memory1 - Andrew, Ben, Jake, Julius, Kang, Ryan

A website for training human memorization of key-value pair maps from letters to numbers.

bullet point   Memory2 - Alex, Joel, Rony

A rock-paper-scissors meets pokemon styled memorization game made in Unity.

bullet point   Memory3 - Amy, Moe, Nick, Youngki

An android app for training human memorization of key-value pair maps from letters to numbers.

bullet point   PKB - Alex, Jacob, Piyush

A web app that uses your voice to develop webpages.

bullet point   Team PageMe - Adi, Ali, Jason, Mitchell, Sai, Shokoor

Bringing back the pager as an android app.

bullet point   Visual Construction - Amrit, Apar, Bin, Bryon, Der Shen, Jing, Jon, Kai, Robert, Sadek, Vince

Used AR technologies to aid in the proper construction of designs. This project started from communication with LP Ciminelli, a Buffalo based company.